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Work in Company “Semidot Infotech Pvt. Ltd.”

Exceptional Team Leader understands how to motivate plan track and monitor achievement of operational goals. Possesses seasoned abilities with identification of issues and the methods to address them. Brings a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering along with Seven years of team leader experience

  • A result oriented professional with nearly 7 years of experience in web application & database development. A consummate team leader, quick learner and team player with strong analytical and people skills.
  • Analyzing, Designing, coding, testing and deploying (delivering) the complete product on time based on Customer SRS.
  • Reshaping the Continuous Delivery Process to achieve the development goals and make Software Delivery process Agile and Predictable in the world of Software Containers
  • Lead the API Management Platform, Capacity Management, Master Data Management & Flexible Application Services Platform Architecture, Design & delivery
  • Identified operational issues and devised goals and plans to address them.
  • Assigned tasks to individuals and departments.
  • Divided tasks appropriately according to departments.
  • Monitored progress within each department toward goal attainment utilizing measurable data in spreadsheet applications.
  • Reduced defective part manufacturing by 15 percent in one year through implementation of plans.
  • Conducted analysis of progress and held monthly meetings regarding goals and tasks.

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